It’s Time to Sparkle!

Our starry-eyed vision is to build a community that is authentically warm & fuzzy.

This vision of a ‘warm and fuzzy community’ may seem far-fetched with the negativity bias we all face every day, but it’s the way forward.

And we’re doing it together 💖

By inviting members to grow both professionally and personally, we aim to celebrate the richness of a varied and diverse jigsaw puzzle – the pieces of which each of us brings to the community.

Let’s realise this heart-centred way of collaborating, working, and being together!

Every emotion vibrates at a certain frequency. Some frequencies consume our energy, eventually causing us to become dis-eased. Other emotions create energy. What we tune in to, is our choice!

Our member onboarding course sets the precedent for open-hearted dialogue and our forums are guided by professional life-coaches and business mentors to help us charter the unknown.

Join us and be part of realising this warm & fuzzy platform!

Membership fees go towards building and maintaining our platform, and to fund the development of V2 of our custom-designed SkillXChange community bartering system