Bringing the community spirit of African ‘Ubuntu‘ to our platform, we aim to provide an authentically warm & fuzzy digital space where people can support each other in their personal and professional growth. When we sparkle, it ripples out to our family, friends and communities.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

Not-For-Profit & Starry-Eyed

Our platform is crowdfunded. Monies raised are used to develop and maintain it, and to pay our Crew for their skills and expertise. Relevant incurred costs will be refunded.

Furthermore, when the membership count is sizeable enough to sustain the community and its (future) technology, excess funds will be donated to support other NPOs supporting micro-entrepreneurs in developing communities. Thinking about the difference we could make … gives us goosebumps!

Our Commitment

The platform is being built / maintained by self-employed professionals (aka the Crew), each having their own clients and other billable work.

When our community is sufficiently funded, alongside our SkillXChange Contracts, we’ll be able to offer the choice of € payments for the 10-hour/week contracts for our Crew.

Our goal is to provide an alternative, steady, bread-and-butter source of income to the freelancers our platform needs, while they’re building their businesses.

Transparency: All contributors receive copies of the annual financial reports. Members have private access to the quarterly reports online.

Our Warm & Fuzzy Starry-Eyed Vision
Our NetNomads Community Logo Explained

Our logo tells many stories …

Net’ is for both network (community) and internet – an online platform. And Nomads are masters of transformation and growth. Unafraid of change, they adapt to changing environments. Happy to take risks and do what is necessary. And Community, because it’s easier when you do it together.

The logo looks like a starry eye to represent our heart-centred vision, and goal, of building a higher-energy, healthier environment where we can grow, help, learn and support each other.

The outer circle represents our beautiful world while the inner circle talks of a community of adventurous souls. People who are choosing an uncommon path and taking responsibility for their lives. The orbits (straight and decorative) represent the balancing dualities like logic and creativity, order and chaos, masculine and feminine energies (regardless of gender), …

“Alone I am a Drop. Together We are the Ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro

Meet The Crew

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful team working on this project! Each person has a very specific skill set that blends together beautifully.

Victoria Koning

Co-Founder, Chairman

Victoria Koning

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

During the Wim Hof Winter Expedition in Poland, I was completely blown away by how complete strangers could be so open and caring with each other. The loving, warm and fuzzy energy it created was intoxicating! Buzzing with excitement, I wanted to work in an environment like this…

I strongly believe our community can generate loads of this wonderful energy, which will ripple out into our lives and into the world…

Let’s make a positive difference together!

Marcel Koning

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Marcel Koning

  • Blogger | Vlogger | Content creator
  • International Man of Mystery
  • Hands on – ‘Let’s Get It Done’
  • Speaks passably hilarious Afrikaans and/or French
  • Cheerful team player focused on results
  • Go-To Problem-Solver
  • Serially self-employed
  • There’s always humour in most things (how much of his mystery is international?)
  • You can also find me over on: A Simply Fab Life

Fabiana Mazzacani

Entrepreneur, Secretary

Fabiana Mazzacani

“Finding joy in incorporating healthy habitats into your daily routine.” My goal is to guide others by offering the right tools, approaches and training solutions, where we develop sustainable, concrete ideas to achieve a ‘Faabulous’ balance of wellbeing and entrepreneurship.

Passionate Sport Inspirator | Innovative Entrepreneurship | Consultant | Start-up Mentor | Workshops and Training Sessions | Female Biohacker | Connector | Wim Hof Method Instructor (level 3)

Tony Pitwood

Software Developer

Tony Pitwood

  • “Joyful Noise” is my middle name
  • Programming is my game
  • Can expand in a very detailed fashion on the pros and cons of VisualBasic6, MySQL, Gravity Forms, WordPress, Pods etc. Let’s talk!
  • After forty years of software development (see Revival Software), the challenge to learn and to make it work still excites
  • “You can always find me in the kitchen at parties…” Everybody now…!
  • Slowly working up to a full conversation in Zulu

Hayley Smith

Psychology and Social Skills Expert

Hayley Smith

“I am passionate about sharing the tools and resources to empower others to become their best version of themselves.”

Learning how to develop healthy habits to flourish, thrive, and build inner resilience so we are fully resourced to meet any challenges with ease and flow, and are able to cultivate feelings of kindness and compassion in any situation.

Our awareness and growth improve not only ourselves but the communities and environments around us; we become conscious and compassionate individuals and leaders in this beautiful world.

Hayley Smith Bsc Psych, MSw Social work, registered with Social work England, Mindfulness and Compassion teacher

Lena Kay

Career Advisor

Lena Kay

“A hundred lives in one lifetime.”

I am passionate about learning, exploring & passing the knowledge in the talent management and career development fields. I have been lucky to work in a formal environment of a corporate world and then change it upside down to become a digital nomad. Every time I try a new beginning: a country, a career, a project I feel both excited and overwhelmed with the unknown. It is this thrill of learning, progressing, and explaining what I have learned to the others that keeps me moving.

Alan Green

Website Developer/Designer

Alan Green

“We design and build some pretty nice websites.”

Alan Green has been working in the design and development industry for over 20 years, and has commercial experience with a variety of business types including sports betting, city finance, book publishers, photographic studios, government departments and lots lots more.

Alan Green is our go-to-guy for all things web and design – learn more at Dare to Think

Sarah McMillan

Holistic Healthcare

Sarah McMillan

My journey moving from a long career in nursing into true self healing brought forth my passion to be a mentor, a guide to support those ready to transmute limiting old belief systems, healing old traumas and wounds to step up into the the real powerful spiritual beings we are.

I combine my experience, trainings, inner vision, intuitive guidance to take the journey from the mind into the multi-dimensional heart it is from here that we co-create our inner world reflecting that shifts our outer world.

Diploma Nursing, Havening Technique, Breathwork Practitioner, Bodyworker, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Timeline Therapy