About NetNomads Community

Bringing the community spirit of African ‘Ubuntu‘ to our platform, we aim to provide an authentically warm & fuzzy digital space where people can support each other in their personal and professional growth. When we sparkle, it ripples out to our family, friends and communities.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

Founders Victoria and Marcel Koning share their inspiration behind creating NetNomads Community

The experience we’ve gained from working with other self-employed entrepreneurs and startups has been invaluable. Most businesses begin their journey with limited (financial) resources, and this coupled with a profit-centric focus, quickly reveals the negative effects of the adage, “It’s not personal, it’s business”.
It occured to us that there HAS to be another way of doing business. Where the focus is on supporting each other while building long-term relationships, instead of having a short-term focus on the best way to turn-a-quick-buck. Collaborating instead of competing. This vision came to us of creating a warm & fuzzy platform for professionals to do business in a way that is fair and heart-felt.

Victoria and Marcel Koning, Founders of NetNomads Community

Stichting NetNomads t/a NetNomads Community

Together with Fabiana Mazzacani, Marcel and Victoria Koning registered Stichting NetNomads with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvKnr 83351469) as a not-for-profit organisation; a community built by the community. The platform is funded through financial Gifts.

Meet the Crew

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful team working on this project! Each person has a very specific skillset that blends together beautifully.