86,400 Moments of Inspiration

Each day we are blessed with 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds.

Now imagine this is a deposit being made into our bank account every day that we are privileged to wake up in. The big question is how are we utilising this magnificent resource?

Are we empowered, active creators in our life, or simply passive bystanders where life happens to us?

Human beings are gifted the free will to choose how to respond to our external environment. We can react unconsciously, driven by underlying sub-/unconscious programming, or choose to respond in a conscious manner.

By mastering our feeling and thinking, we are able to overcome the toughest challenges, grow, expand and express our authentic selves.

It’s part of life to experience moments of fear, doubt, anger, jealousy, etc. – we just don’t need to unpack and move in! Using tools like awareness of self, compassion and resilience, we can sit with this state of being. Acknowledge the beautiful lesson it’s giving us. And then benefit from the wisdom we have embodied. Let’s call this the “deliciousness of the desert”.

Making a Conscious Choice

Our journey is our sole (soul) responsibility. But we don’t need to do this alone.

Our community is a gathering of heart-centric people who choose to be in a state of love, kindness, joyfulness, compassion and trust. We are supporting each other in our adventure to create inspired, abundant and most importantly, grateful lives.