Box Breathing for Relaxation (6 min video)

Easy, guided breathing technique called “Box Breathing” helps relaxation and reduces stress / anxiety!


Known benefits of the box breathing method include:

  • helping you feel centred and calm when overwhelmed or feeling anxious
  • helping you fall back asleep (e.g. with insomnia)
  • helping control hyperventilation by instructing your lungs to breathe rhythmically
  • helping ease feelings of panic and worry


This ‘box breathing exercise’ starts off slowly with 3-second ‘boxes’ that are repeated five times. It then increases to 4-, 5- and 6-second breathing boxes. The method includes the following steps:

  • Breathe in for 3 seconds
  • Hold for 3 seconds
  • Breathe out for 3 seconds
  • Hold for 3 seconds

Why is this important for (Self-Employed) Professionals?

Because Business IS Personal! The more rounded we are as people, the better we are as entrepreneurs, partners, parents, siblings, friends … these uplifting effects ripple out. Feel free to share this video with your family, friends and colleagues. We are building a not-for-profit online platform for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs to Learn, Grow and Share – supporting each other, sharing skills and knowledge.