It’s Time to Sparkle!

Our starry-eyed vision is to build a community that is authentically warm & fuzzy.

This vision of a ‘warm and fuzzy community’ may seem far-fetched with the negativity bias we all face every day, but it’s the way forward.

And we’re doing it together 💖

By inviting members to grow both professionally and personally, we aim to celebrate the richness of a varied and diverse jigsaw puzzle – the pieces of which each of us brings to the community.

Every emotion vibrates at a certain frequency. Some frequencies consume our energy, eventually causing us to become dis-eased. Other emotions create energy. What we tune in to, is our choice!

Let’s Sparkle Together

When we become the change we wish to see in the world, our enriched life experience ripples out to our families, friends and wider communities and sends gorgeous vibes into the world.

Join us in building a collaborative environment to support and help each other grow in our professional and personal capacities. Please go through our community blueprint before becoming a member to ensure it’s a right fit for you. Merci xx

Our community blueprint course shares our ethos and goals for open-hearted dialogue. Our forums are guided by professional life-coaches and business mentors to help us charter the unknown.

Let us realise this heart-centred way of collaborating, working, and being together!

Join us and be part of realising this warm & fuzzy platform!

Membership fees go towards building and maintaining our platform, and to fund the development of V2 of our custom-designed SkillXChange community bartering system