Liberating the Linear Mind

What would you say if I told you that in order to reach your highest potential as a human being and make all your creations sublime you need to be “out of your mind.“ Sounds crazy? Well please bear with me and allow me to explain.

First the mind is not what you think it is! And it is not located in the brain. The brain is merely a processor for different sensory information collected via the nervous system. It processes information via its neural network and behaves very much like an amazing supercomputer based on the speed it can process this information.

In contrast, the actual human mind is truly the information that has been collected by the nervous system from the beginning of this life cycle. It also holds information about the entire planetary collective, since its inception, via its DNA.

This information is stored not only in the brain where it is processed but also within all the trillions of cells that comprise the human body. It is stored in the fluids, tissues, membranes, organs, bones ….

The glands that comprise our hormonal system that regulates our physical life have specific energy input and output centres that are also bringing in information to the system in the form of light. This information is stored in the different energy bodies that comprise the template for our physical body. In effect, the human mind is a field of energy and consciousness.

All the information input is stored in the brain as memory. The brain is ceaselessly storing the information provided by the 5 physical senses. One could say the mind is a faculty that allows for the experience of sensation, emotion and desire. Yet it is also responsible for perception, thought, reasoning, memory, belief, and motivation.

Our mental faculty or intellect has been a very important part of our human development. It has allowed us to learn how to live in a physical body and keep it from harm in a physical world. If we did not have this part of our mind in operation, we might easily walk off a cliff or place our hands in boiling water. It has allowed us to learn and to reason and create and build objects in the material world.

It has been our greatest friend but also our most insidious enemy because of one major weakness.

The same processes that have kept us safe have kept us in severe limitation in our development. Because of memory the pleasure and pain associated with our experience of sensations have further developed our animal nature. Our beliefs about how we think the world is have severely handicapped our development as a species and have allowed for huge manipulation of great sections of the world populations.

It is quite easy for our perception to be incorrect because the brain will process it according to memory rather than the way a present event truly is.

All in all, the linear mind while serving us faithfully, has also stunted our growth and limited our development and evolution. Instead of serving us like a faithful friend in many cases it has grown in such distorted ways that we are now often a danger to ourselves.

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