Gifting Our Way to Community Abundance

Community abundance allows each of us to enjoy financial freedom, so we can pursue inspired action that brings more joy, love, peace and compassion to our world.

‘Gifting Communities’ work on the principle of ‘Happy Money’ (learn more with Ken Honda) where people give each other a financial gift with a joyful heart. Activated by love, the gift carries a beautiful energy with it. When received with grace and gratitude, the energy compounds, which in turns brings in more of the same.

Gifting vs Making a Payment

Gifting from the heart has a joyful energy, it is sent and received with love and a sense of community – uplifting the whole. It feels abundant. On the other hand, when we make or receive payments, there is an energy of expectation and entitlement. If often begets greed and a feeling of scarcity.

We’ve all noticed how weird it feels when we talk about money, even among friends. Our conditioning has led us to believe it’s dirty, or evil. This is an opportunity to help us repair our collective relationship with money, and to embrace the full abundance within us. We are the Gift.

How do we assess whether our ‘money is happy’? By looking at the way we feel when we receive it or spend it. Are we slightly disappointed? Angry even? Perhaps it isn’t enough? Or it’s not what we wanted? Maybe the bill is too high and we’re worried about running out of money? Or maybe we feel a bubble of excitement? Perhaps it has come as a delightful surprise, and we receive it with joy and gratitude?

These feelings tell us about our relationship with money and our ability to receive, and also share secrets about our sense of worthiness and trust in the future.

In line with the philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’, which translates to ‘I am because we are’ the NetNomads Crew is on a quest to explore all kinds of recurring (passive) income to lift everyone e.g. members can offer group workshops/courses through our community webshop (learn more in our community blueprint).

Our time (attention / creative energy) is very precious. Most of us trade time for money to pay the bills. The workplace has a skewed valuation towards certain professions like “logical tasks”, leaving many heart-centred people choosing better-paying but unfulfilling work. We can change this as a community! We also envision a fabulous world in which teachers, nurses and carers feel as valued as accountants and lawyers do 🙂

Our inner child thrives when we’re doing what we love.

‘Working really hard’ is NOT the best way to thrive. Ask any financially wealthy person who is able to donate their time – simply because they’re not dependent on the financial results delivered by their hour-by-hour actions.

We are creative human BE-ings. Let’s use happy money and embrace a different way of being abundant together.

Pioneering Gifting Community

Our current systems have reached the end of their journeys. With deep appreciation, it’s time for us to wish them a wonderful transition and thank them for the experiences they have given us.

We have joined a gifting community called that mimics Mother Nature’s incredible gift of honeybees: did you know that honey is produced by bees passing (regurgitating) nectar to each other until the consistency is right? Using the same principle, our community participates in the ‘infinite regurgitating’ of small gifts into larger gifts, compounding their value – turning nectar into honey. Gifted with love and received with Gratitude. Happy Money!

The cleverly-designed digital platform offers a transparent way to manage gifts that given Peer-to-Peer (person-to-person) with USDT TRC20 being the most popular form of decentralised transaction (via Binance or Exodus) followed closely by the ease of using Revolut or Wise. PayPal and traditional banks are a tad expensive with their bank charges. Communication takes place via the platform, email, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Decentralised Finance

As our financial systems are changing, we’ve dived into the world of decentralised finance, like Cryptocurrency. For example, in our gifting community the preferred method for sending and receiving gifts is via Tether USDT (on the Tron TRC20 network). We’re embarking on different journeys of discovery: some pan out and others take a different course. Through learning, we are empowering ourselves.

Collaboration over Competition

Helping each other is our community ethos. We have only succeeded when everyone succeeds.

Reach out to us to learn more about our beautiful gifting community and/or what we’re getting up to with decentralised finance.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”