Rekindling Our Creative Abundance

It’s not surprising that we balk at the idea of abundance – most of us have been conditioned into mindsets of scarcity and brutal competition!

This is an invitation to rekindle our inner joy, sense of community, and empower ourselves into abundance.

Being so close to creation, as children we are great bundles of joy and energy. Then little-by-little our social conditioning erodes our passion, teaching us ‘the ways of the world’. Our inherent creativity grinds to a halt as we learn to ‘conform for survival’.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

Ubuntu within Communities

A large stumbling block in our western societies is the emphasis to look-after-self. Survival of the fittest. At every opportunity, we are bombarded by messages of distrust and abuse. The news very seldom accentuates all the wonderful, kind, generous things we do to help each other. It happens. It’s natural. It’s who we are at our core.

It’s time for communities to thrive together. What really strikes me about gifting communities is the similarity in concept to the SkillXChange. It’s about building a community that gives and takes in equal measure, and one that wants to see everyone succeed.” Victoria Koning

“My humanity is bound up in your humanity. I am because we are.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Building a Thriving Community

NetNomads Community was founded with the goal of empowering people to fully express themselves within a heart-minded community. Members offer their skillsets through our community webshop (learn more about this in our community blueprint), support each others growth and gain additional sources of income.

Another way we can increase creative abundance is to support each other’s dreams, help each other overcome limiting patterns, and practice working together as a community.

Planting Seeds

How many of us give, give, give while others seem to just take, take, take? This is an opportunity to redress this balance. Firstly, we need to (re)learn how to work collaboratively as a community:

  • Know that we are stronger together
  • Support each other’s dreams and goals
  • Face and transform deeply-rooted limiting mindsets
  • Value our place in the community
  • Enjoy healthy flows through transparency

In alignment with our goals for a heart-minded community that gives and takes equally, we’re delighted to have joined a recently-launched online Gifting Community, following their experience with offline gifting communities. Community gifting means that members give each other an unconditional gift. Simply put, people take it in turns to gift, and to receive.

Victoria, Valeria, Giada and Fabiana discuss the Infinity Grid and our goals as a team (56:46)

Trust & Transparency

To provide transparency within this gifting community, heart-minded developer, Jacques Marais, has created a unique platform that gives its members great transparency to identify bottle necks and areas where support may be needed. He’s levelled up this concept further: gifting groups are normally linear. People join at the bottom and leave at the top. This ‘Infinity Grid’ loops the people who have received their gifts back to the bottom – to become a gifter again. Indefinitely. Thereby creating a circular hierarchy. Jacques didn’t stop there with the development – it’s all about the community supporting each other. Team work makes the dream work!

That Jacques is South African doesn’t surprise me. Every time you look at the ‘survival mode’ through poverty in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ your sense of humanity gets challenged. He’s built in a Pay-it-Forward system to help others who wouldn’t be able to join for financial reasons. I also love that a few of the team leaders have established the MAD Foundation to help ‘Make A Difference’.

Our team is highly committed to helping each other become fully abundant.

We meet on a regular basis to chat about the platform, share our journeys with people who are thinking of joining, and enjoy fun activities online e.g. breathing sessions, sharing our dreams and goals (mind movies, vision boards), symbolic burning ceremonies (acknowledging and letting go of limitations), or simply hanging out with like-minded(hearted) people. We truly value this support!

Regular team meetings (photo: Valeria, Victoria, Sarah and Hayley)

What is the Infinity Grid?

Using a beehive analogy, the Infinity Grid is very clever and beautifully-designed: a transparent way to automatically track gifting in the hive. About joining the community:

  • Give 1x gift of $100 (this seed gift is the ONLY money that comes out of your pocket and comes back to you within the first round)
  • Gifts are given peer-to-peer, directly to each other (not via the platform)
  • Loop within the Infinity Grid: existing members reweave into the community
  • Two honeycomb journeys: double the abundance, same effort
  • Weave into higher grids: compound value of gifts
  • Introduce and support 2x like-minded people (our team works collaboratively)
  • Pay-it-Forward feature supports others

Keeping the Hive Thriving

‘Beekeeper’ Jacques understands that not everyone shares the same ethos, nor sense of community and has designed 4 algorithms to make sure the hive remains healthy. If like me, you’re into the nuts-and-bolts of how a system works, check out this video: Beekeeper Jacques (16/03/2023)

Express Your Interest

When our financial needs are met, we feel safe and secure. When we’re working together as a community, we feel connected and valued. When we have the freedom of time, we can do things that make us sparkle. When we sparkle, we send out gorgeous ripples into this beautiful world.

If this intrigues you, join our private Telegram group to learn more about rekindling your creative abundance, joining our team and the infinity grid. Please complete this form to get the invitation x

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