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But First, What is a Heart-Minded Professional?

NetNomads Crew 10 January 2023

“When we trust our hearts enough for them to lead our minds.”

Victoria Koning, Co-founder NetNomads Community

Now, there are a few common reasons why somebody may want to start their own business – pursuing a passion, independence and autonomy, making a difference and financial gain to name a few. Ultimately, each entrepreneur’s motivations are unique and may be influenced by a variety of factors, including personal values, life circumstances, and professional goals.

But the typical thinking and the most common mindset of a business model is profit-orientated which prioritises financial gains above all else, focusing on increasing revenue, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency often at the expense of other stakeholders such as employees, customers, or the environment.

What if there is another way that business can be done that prioritizes the well-being of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the broader community. Instead of traditional method of prioritizing short-term gains over long-term sustainability and the use of aggressive marketing and sales tactics to increase profits.

We believe there is! The model we’re following at NetNomads is one of being heart-centred.

We are committed to creating positive change not only for an individual entrepreneur’s business and personal growth, but for the world as a whole. Our platform has been created to help enable members to collaborate in love, joy and compassion.

Crew member Grahamm Dew shares what is means to be heart-centric

Why Focus on the Heart?

Our schooling teaches us about the connections between the brain and the heart, but emits the part about the neural connections from the heart to the brain!

Thanks to the current technology, we are better equipped to understand ‘the science behind personal growth’ that equips us with a wholistic view of how we operate.

In business terms, we could refer to the brain as the CEO and the heart as the Chairman.

It is not as commonly known that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart! Moreover, these heart signals have a significant effect on brain function—influencing emotional processing as well as higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving

HeartMath Institute

Well-being of ALL Stakeholders

A heart-centred business is one that prioritizes the well-being of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, collaboration partners and the broader community. It is a business that is built on a foundation of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility, and that strives to make a positive impact all round. Heart-centred businesses prioritize values such as authenticity, transparency, sustainability, and place a high value on relationships and connection.

Heart-centeredness refers to an approach to life in which an individual prioritizes well-being and compassion, honours individual expressions, and strives to create long-term connections with others that are rooted in love and understanding.

Business leaders that are heart-centered, lead with their heart rather than their head, although still being profit aware they prioritise the well-being of others; often pursuing professions where they can help others grow and make a positive impact on the world.

In our NetNomads Community, we are building a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration, in which members are valued and empowered to contribute their unique talents and perspectives.

We prioritize open and honest communication and strive to create an environment that is both supportive and challenging, where members can grow both personally and professionally with the goal of advancing their own coherence – aligning and balancing the mind, body, and emotions – important aspects of health and well-being, as well as personal and professional effectiveness.

We are here to facilitate growth, cultivating personal coherence that supports the mind-body connection, to become more effective, resilient, and successful in your personal and Entrepreneurial life.

Our community is here to help each other sparkle!