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Collaborative Business Building

NetNomads Crew 24 March 2023

Part of our collective growth, is to move away from the clutches of victimhood and into the arms of empowerment. Looking at humanity’s track record of slavery, religion, royalty, trade exploitation … we can see how deeply rooted the issue lies. It is perpetuated in our genes, during childhood, in our families, through our churches, schooling, and even our social lives … “we are not worthy, and should be grateful for any morsel we are offered“.

Much of humanity has grown up in an ‘eat or be eaten’ environment. “I’ll get my pound of flesh.” Capitalism, for example, was built by business owners building their businesses on the backs of others; paying at little as possible while undermining the builders’ efforts to feed the insecurities and preserve their acceptance of “their plight”. It has been socially acceptable to exploit anyone who allowed it.

Simply grateful to have work, these ‘builders’ bent backwards to make their contribution, so they could survive (food, shelter, etc) and pay for things they thought they should have – to impress deities, or people, who apparently needed impressing. Back-benders have bought into the story because of an unconscious belief in a lack of self worth; believing in the scarcity of Life.

Great news! We can give up victimhood – on both sides of the coin. By not identifying as a victim nor by victimising anyone else. We are one!

Tuning Into Abundance

This is no mean feat! The key lies in becoming aware of these limiting, unhelpful programs running deep within our psyches – unconsciously governing the way we move through Life. It’s like listening to a radio station that is full of static and distorted. We become empowered when we choose to change our frequencies to a better channel.

Helpful tools guide us in becoming consciously aware of our ‘dark bits’ to enable us to tune in to our abundance.

Giving as Much as We Take

We are providing a platform for heart-minded professionals to exchange … knowledge, experiences and skills … with the goal of helping each other build our businesses. It’s not a sprint to the finish line, with the victor taking all the spoils. It’s about community and enjoying this journey together.

In the Spirit of Ubuntu

A delightful tale of a young group of children being lined up to compete for a basket of fruit, where the winner takes all. However, instead of competing, they walk to the fruit basket hand-in-hand, and collectively sit down to enjoy the fruit together. On enquiry why they don’t race to the fruit to collect it for themselves, the children reply, “It’s Ubuntu. How can one of us be happy, when all the others are sad? I am because we are. It’s the essence of being human.

“If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.”

African Proverb