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Compassion Required for Never-Ending WIP

NetNomads Crew 11 February 2023

It’s very easy to slip into judgement of others, it’s what we’ve all been trained to do! Great news though, we can employ compassion and exercise discernment instead – you see, EVERY single one of us is a Work-in-Progress and the changing never ends!

Compassion gives us patience, we’re kinder with ourselves and others. Just like the sun evaporates a morning mist to reveal what is actually present, compassion shows us who we truly are … beautiful beings on a journey to learn, grow and thrive!

Honouring Our Journeys

How much energy and creativity has been spilled trying to fit into somebody else’s idea of how we should be and live our lives?

It’s kind of like expecting our left pinky toe to be the same as our right ear lobe. It’s nonsensical.

We’re all here to express our whole, abundant selves and take ownership of our unique roles within the community.

We don’t have to agree on everything. Nor are we here to convince each other that ours is THE way!

By acknowledging that each of us is an evolving, unique piece of life’s everchanging puzzle, we honour our different points-of-views, gifts and shortcomings.

Our Reality Changes as Our Awareness Changes

As a species, we have spent an enormous amount of time trying to predict the future to find ease in knowing how life is going to unfold. So we resist change. Until life presents us with almighty challenges that force us to wake up; to search for a better way of being. There is another option! We CAN evolve through choice, by tuning in to our magnificent hearts.

It also helps that we have loads of information nowadays, like observations from quantum physics, that helps increase our understanding of all aspects of Life. For instance, we no longer need to keep physical and spiritual in separate boxes. Comprising of physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, our beings are simply marvellous!

It’s simply mind-blowing that the physical matter we experience with our 5 senses consists of less than 1% of Life! Yet many of us are completely unaware of how to use them effectively, or fully understand their limitations and potentials. The path of a personal journey (enlightenment / spirituality) is to become aware of the other 99.9%.

Our community has a wide array of knowledge and insight into how we are co-creators in our personal and collective realities. We cover a multitude of modalities and available tools. Which one is right? The one that takes you further on your journey!