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Invitation to NetNomads Community

NetNomads Crew 10 January 2023

We’re extending an invitation to all professionals, freelancers, (self)employed entrepreneurs who would like to do business in a more personal way. Working together in a warm & fuzzy framework, members empower each other while building their businesses and overcoming challenges.

NetNomads Co-Founder, Victoria Koning extends an invitation to heart-minded professionals looking for a warm and fuzzy platform to do business in a more personal way

Embrace Our Hearts. Release Our Fear.

NetNomads Community provides a safe space for its members. This blueprint shares common challenges that groups face. By understanding and seeing how we can overcome them as a collective, our goal is to help heart-based professionals explore, empower and express themselves fully.

Why the emphasis on growth?

We are NOT designed to be 100% efficient machines. We are beautifully complex human beings with so much more potential than our current hamster-wheel existence delivers. Our purpose is to grow and flourish!

Our collective social conditioning favours the somewhat mechanical ‘just-do-it’ aspect of life. While this masculine energy is powerful, it is destructive when unbalanced.

We become whole when we balance our masculine (doing) and feminine (being) energies. When our hearts (emotions) and minds (thoughts) are coherent, life flows through us freely.

We experience joy on a moment-by-moment basis, instead of needing to snatch rare moments during holidays or living for the weekend.

Let’s choose to create a life we love living!

This means encompassing all aspects of life. Each one of us faces challenges we need to overcome. People have melt-downs. We get tripped up on seemingly small matters. Things get messy. Learning and mastering the tools at our disposal gives us the skillset of resilience and adaptability.

The members in our community provide tools to help each other become empowered professionally and personally.