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Providing Stepping Stones for Each Other

NetNomads Crew 8 February 2023

Getting to know each other is essential. It’s how communities are formed. Some members could become part of the next leg of your journey, and you could provide a stepping stone for someone else’s journey. When we have a good ‘feel’ for each other, we’re able to choose the best partners to collaborate with, learn from, and share ideas with.

We’ve enabled various ways for members to engage with each other:

Set up your profile

Add your name, profile photo and an inspiring cover photo.
Introduce yourself with a short bio, and add a link to your website.
Under skillset, include the toolkits you use to keep yourself honed on a professional and personal basis, as well as what inspires you (books, videos, etc)
Networking – include links to your social media accounts

Group Workshops & 1-2-1 Consulting Sessions

To provide stepping stones to help others, members offer group workshops and/or 1-2-1 consulting sessions at their discretion. Each provider determines the scope, fees and preferred payment method of Peer-to-Peer (outside NetNomads: direct bank transfers, revolut, wise, cryptocurrency, sea shells, …) or using SXC Tokens in our SkillXChange.

Inviting Each Other On A Journey of Transformation

We’ve designed this journey for members to share their professional or personal transformations. Fully transparent, participants can use this invitation to decide if this particular journey would be a good fit for their next step.

Detailed instructions on how to create this content is shared with members.

Blog: Topic Discussion
Price: Free

Aim: raises curiosity, intriguing, thought-provoking
Goal: give members and non-members (public) an idea of a particular topic, as well as helping visitors get a feel of what’s available within the platform, while blog posts increase the organic reach by attracting new visitors to NetNomads Community
Length: 300-500 words
Duration: 3-5 minutes
Format: min 1x cover image, text with sub-paragraphs for scannability, with embedded videos (eg Youtube, Vimeo) and photos
Instructor involvement: create blog content (text, photos, videos)
Crew member involvement: add content to NetNomads platform, add bespoke Introduction product for free checkout and registration
Availability: everyone (public & members) via Blog

Introductions (mini-course)
Price: Free

Aim: A deeper explanation of the blog post topic, helps readers understand its place in the bigger picture
Goal: introducing yourself as an experienced leader in this topic, to help participants see if this would be a good fit for the next step in their journey. To continue this journey, participants then opt for the paid masterclass

Format: pre-recorded video presentation with photos / slides (eg group call on Zoom) in .pdf format
Duration: 45-min
Length: around 6000 words
Instructor involvement: create content, upload to personal folder on NetNomads Google Drive
Crew involvement: create bespoke free product per Introduction mini-course with .pdfs as downloadable files
Availability: all participants (members, public) check out via bespoke product on the blog page, or via the Introductions store page, or via the instructors website

Price: €100

Aim: provide a good overview of the topic and the steps that are needed for completing that journey
Goal: provide lots of value so participants can either continue their journey (i) by themselves, implementing the useful strategies from your course (ii) with you, participating in your experiential course

Format: video presentation with photos, slides (eg recording of zoom group call) and structured lessons that make it easier to absorb the information
Duration: 3-5 hours
Length: around 60,000 words
Instructor involvement: create course content (added to platform with guidance from Crew members) and engage with participants in private course group
Crew involvement: ensure course is correctly formatted by instructor, add course to learning management system and to the webshop for registrations
Availability: participants sign up via the Introduction mini-courses (members, public) or are invited via links embedded on the instructor’s website or via NetNomads Community webshop

Experiential Courses
Price range: €600-€1000

Aim: Guided deep dive into the various phases of this particular journey, broken down into different lessons for better absorption, participation
Goal: instructors guide participants through a journey from point A to point X

Format: lessons with written material containing supporting photos and videos, plus an instructor-led LIVE group (in person or via Zoom) for each lesson, group discussion (on NetNomads or preferred platform eg Telegram) with instructor engagement
Duration: 5-9 sessions, can be daily or weekly, depending on subject matter and intensity
Length: 5-9 lessons (each around 60,000 words)
Availability: participants (members, public) sign up to course via Masterclass, or links embedded on the instructor’s website, or via NetNomads Community webshop

Payment Methods

Instructors can choose how to get paid via NetNomads Community:

  • Peer-to-Peer payments: members indicate their preferred payment method PER offer. Arrangements are made between provider [instructor] and recipient [participant] e.g. cryptocurrency, Revolut, Wise, sea shells, … These arrangements are done directly OUTSIDE of NetNomads. Course material is only released when the instructor confirms payment
  • SkillXChange (SXC Tokens): an exchange contract is entered into by mutual agreement between instructor and participant (it could also be a partial SkillXChange)

Help grow the platform? Members offering paid workshops and courses are invited to support the community at their discretion x