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Autonomous Self Leadership

NetNomads Crew 10 January 2023

Our community goal is to move ourselves out of victimhood and to create a circular hierarchy or synarchy, like a murmuration of starlings – where everybody is a leader of Self.

This means moving beyond survival mode and understanding what happens to us when we react as victims or victimisers (opposite sides of the same coin).

We empower ourselves by working through the process of transmuting limiting beliefs and old programming to attain personal freedom and autonomous self leadership.

Responding instead of Reacting

A reaction to a situation or person occurs impulsively, with little or no thought, surfacing from the depths of our unconscious beliefs and thoughts. 

We normally “react” when our unconscious mind/body sees something or someone as a threat, small or large. Our survival ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode kicks in, and we often behave in a way that we are not proud of, or regret afterwards.  You see, our beliefs are not always valid or based on logic. They can be old prejudices, assumptions and emotional triggers that fuel a reaction.

Imagine for a moment that we are a laptop computer …

Our bodies are the hardware (case, screen, keyboard, etc). The software programs are the things that we’ve learned and the skills we use. We are fully aware of them because we have installed them consciously through learning experiences.

Then there are those background programs that we have no idea about … that cause our entire system to slow down, hang, or even crash.

It’s only when we do a <Ctrl+Alt+Del> that we can see what’s running and can take action to stop it, remove it and execute a <Defrag> to ensure the rest of the system is running smoothly.

Forgive the tech analogy, but it helps explain what is happening to us with our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds.

In contrast to reacting, responding to a situation or person comes from a place of awareness, where we consciously choose the best way to respond after weighing up the situation.  It requires calming the mind and thinking about different responses. How would you feel afterwards, how would the other person feel, are there others involved in the conversation or situation?

Life happens FOR us, not TO us.

In the next lessons, we drill down into the underlying programs that hold the reasons why we feel threatened, or ‘become triggered’ and share useful tips for moving through them to empower ourselves out of victimhood. By learning how to overcome the impulse to react and instead respond to the situation and/or person, we are better able to make good decisions and achieve better outcomes for all involved.  Ultimately this empowers us to be better people, colleagues, partners and bosses.

“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react”

George Bernard Shaw

How Are You Being?

The gift of being human is the gift of free will in choosing how to respond.

Building a safe, warm & fuzzy community asks from each member that we assume full responsibility for our states of being. We collectively choose to move beyond the roles of victims and victimizers.

Members are willing to delve deeper into any subconscious programs to transmute old paradigms; thereby liberating themselves into beautiful beings of conscious choice.

This blueprint shares our community ethos and invites members to provide guidance from their experience & expertise, and to enjoy guidance and support provided by other members.

A Gift for You! Count to 5 …

In less than 8 minutes, this box-breathing technique can make a big difference when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, or would like to relax a little more. Our lovely Fabiana walks us through the technique, “Breathe in, hold, breathe out, hold” … simple yet very effective. Enjoy x