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Taking Part in NetNomads Community

NetNomads Crew 8 February 2023

There are various ways of engaging with the NetNomads Community.

EVERYONE: Guests are welcome!

Curious ‘Just Looking’? Come and enjoy the informative articles in our blog. If it’s part of a Journey of Transformation and resonates with you, sign up for the free introductory mini-course to assess whether it’s a good match for you. Feel free to stay up to date by subscribing to our periodic newsletter. Guests can also take part in a course or workshop, offered by one of our community members – without being a member. TIP: this community blueprint (course) is hosted within NetNomad’s Learning Management System.

PARTICIPANTS: Intrigued ‘Students of Life’

Anyone (members and non-members) can take part in courses, workshops or 1-2-1 private sessions to hone their skills by choosing products in our community webstore offered by our members. Participants engage in private group discussions with the Instructor and fellow participants.

DONORS: Enthusiastic Supporters

Perhaps membership isn’t for you (at this stage) but you love the idea and want to support the community either by sharing it with people you know and/or making a donation. We really appreciate the support!

MEMBERS: ‘Let’s Build a Better Working Environment’

For professionals who love the idea of being part of a community of heart-centric professionals who want to do business in a more personal way.

Members are welcomed with an orientation course that shows them how to use the platform. The member profile is THE perfect place to showcase one’s skillset! As many folk balk at the idea of videoing themselves, we’ve included a free “Camera SHINE not Camera Shy” masterclass to get great tips on presenting oneself through video.

As members get to know each other, they will resonate with (potential) collaboration partners, and can take part in the bespoke SkillXChange community bartering system, which is a warm-and-fuzzy way of supporting each other grow our businesses and personal lives.

Over time we’ll be collaborating as a collective on our community forums. Members will be able to engage with each other in private, niche forums that receive guidance from professional life and business coaches (our ‘Growth Facilitators’).

PROVIDER: Share Your Stepping Stones

Members can offer their Group Workshops, 1-2-1 Private Sessions and ‘Journeys of Transformation’ via our community webshop. Course material is offered in pdf/video format that gets attached to each product. The option of hosting courses within the NetNomads Learning Management System (LMS) will become available. Providers engage directly with participants in private groups.

NetNomads Community | Built with Love

CREW: Collaborative Community Building

Crew members are carefully chosen specialists in their niche, who share the vision of being part of a heart-centred community. A variety of skills is required to maintain and develop the platform (developers, business admin, marketing, community engagement, growth facilitators, etc).

The crew commits to investing their time, skills and energy into building this platform, on the basis of a SkillXChange with NetNomads (minimum 3 hours and maximum 10 hours per week). Credits gained can be utilised within the SkillXChange with any other member.

Alongside selling courses via our platform, we aim to help crew members build an additional source of income once the platform is well-funded (membership fees, course contributions & donations), by offering a choice of financial compensation for tasks performed by Crew members.

FORUM GROWTH FACILITATORS: Warm & Fuzzy Professional Guides

A sub-set of crew members who are dedicated to personal and spiritual growth. They embody the principles of a heart-based community and have undergone major transformations in their personal lives. Their goal is to gently guide our members to help keep the community safe, warm & fuzzy. They ARE the change they wish to see in the world, and choose the higher frequencies of love, joy, compassion, enthusiasm, patience, trust, abundance, and peace.