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Transforming the Unconscious to Conscious

NetNomads Crew 10 January 2023

Unconscious programs drive much of our thoughts and behaviour. Most of us aren’t even aware of these programs that automatically run in the background! Once we learn more about them, where they come from and how we can stop them from running our life, we can liberate our cluttered mind and enjoy peaceful clarity.

Crew member Sarah McMillan shares her learnings from Bob Proctor’s ‘Thinking to Results’ program

Turn Mental Clutter into Mental Clarity

Many of these automatic programs come to us during the unfiltered absorption of sensory experiences in our early years, before we develop the skills of critical thinking. We only start to get a conscious mind from around the age of three until around seven years old. Further unconscious programs are wrapped up in our genes, to provide us with the best chance of survival for the environment that we get born into.

Our body’s cells contain genetic programming or conditioning that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Fortunately, epigenetics is showing us that we are not ‘stuck with our genes’ as much as we’ve been led to believe. We can overcome our programming.

Furthermore this stick drawing is showing the top half of the circle as depicting our conscious mind, and the bottom half depicting our sub-conscious mind. In other modalities, the mind is split further into sub-conscious and un-conscious awareness.

The little antennae’s represent our five senses: taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell. This is how we become aware of the outside world. From birth up to about seven years old, everything gets absorbed, without any filter. It goes straight in.

This means that everything we experience with our five senses goes directly into the sub-conscious and is where a large majority of our programming occurs. It’s why we become like our parents. Until we become conscious of these programs, and learn how to transmute them. For instance, a really big challenge for humanity has been the program of “I am not good enough“. As a result we don’t fulfil our destinies. We are unable to be let alone say what we want to be in life. We’re too afraid of what somebody else might think… “What will the neighbours think?” “Don’t do that, what will they think?” The programming gets stored as “what’s that person going to think about me if I speak up for myself? What if I do this? They might not like me!” with the result that we becoming people-pleasers. We keep quiet and suppress ourselves because we’re worried about what people think.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Tuning Into Our Conscious Mind

The thoughts we actively think each day reside in our conscious mind. We actively think about what we’re going to do next. To save energy, our bodies readily encourage us to slip into the subconscious where we have little/no idea of what’s going on. We operate on auto-pilot. Like getting in the car, driving, and then on arrival not remembering how we did that. Brushing our teeth, reaching for a morning cuppa, scrolling through our social media feeds with sleep in our eyes, … – these are automated habits. Behaviour we’ve trained ourselves to do. A lot of it can have quite a negative affect on us.

As soon as we lose that consciousness, we come out of the ‘now’ moment. We operate from the subconscious where it takes over and controls us! So for example, somebody may say something that makes us feel uncomfortable. We go into a thought process because our body is telling us it’s all fed up. “That person might not like me ..” another thought gets added on top of the first thought. These thoughts produce feelings in the body, which create chemicals that get sent back up to the brain. The cycle continues, where we wind ourselves up more and more.

The whole universe is made up of frequencies. Our subconscious is the feeling, emotional body. It starts to produce a feeling and and amplifies everything, shooting vibrations throughout the body. For example the vibration that ‘I am not good enough’ gets sent right through us. Our body then emits this frequency into the universe and that frequency is brought back to us in an exact match.

It helps us understand why lives never change and we remain in repetitive cycles because that’s what we are: repeating behaviours, programs, habits and behaviours that were put in us from a young age until we get conscious of them, and start to work with them.

It is so important to see what is going on in our subconscious and our thoughts. What’s coming up in our thought processes. What is lying under the surface due to repetitive behaviours and repetitive programming? It takes conscious effort to de-program these patterns that don’t serve us.

We transmute our programs by changing thought patterns, and their associated feelings, to create the lives we want to live.