NetNomads Community is a crowdfunded-platform for Self-Employed Professionals to exchange skills, knowledge and experiences around the world in a warm, collaborative way.


We are beyond excited to share with you the vision and mission of this Community Platform.

The 7-strong Crew (all Self-Employed) has invested more than 1000 hours into creating this vanilla-version of the platform. To take it to the next level, we need specialised coding…

Blaze Trails with Us!

Please join other TRAILBLAZING Members and Donors to enable collaborative growth among independent Self-Employed Professionals, resulting in a better work/life balance. These positive effects will ripple out into the world 馃挅

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Please help us raise the funds for the bespoke coding we need for the SkillXChange

Other Ways You Can Contribute

It takes a Community …

A platform like NetNomads Community doesn鈥檛 come to life without an incredible effort by many people!

As a not-for-profit organisation, NetNomads Community is funded by membership fees, donations, sponsorships and crowdfunding rewards. Our 7-strong Crew of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs have collectively invested over 1000 hours into the concept, planning, design and starting to build the platform, by pulling together hours where we can.

Contributions will be used to fund the platform technology e.g. hosting and development, the normal expenses associated with running a business, and for the skills of our Crew and Moderators (all Self-Employed Entrepreneurs) who are working on this labour of love, in between other contracts.

Choose a contribution that suits you:

Members have private access to financial reports on a quarterly basis, and financial contributors will receive a copy of the annual reports.

Don’t hesitate to email any questions to, or via social media. We’re looking forward to building a beautiful space together.

Thanks in advance for your kind support,
Vic and the NetNomads Crew

Looking ahead: our next planned phases will include multi-lingual support and developing an app. Our ultimate goal is a well-functioning community that is able to support other micro-entrepreneurs in disadvantaged / developing communities. Let鈥檚 make a positive difference!

Diversity 路 Collaborating 路 Teaching 路 Learning 路 Sharing 路 Supporting 路 Developing 路 Exchanging 路 Belonging