Roadmap to Financial Freedom

With their success in forex trading and network marketing, the co-founders designed this roadmap to help people get food on their tables and have a roof over their heads. It helps ordinary people generate a recurring income using forex trading. Over time, members move from one ‘waypoint’ to the next in this roadmap, building a trading capital. We don’t need to sell anything. We don’t need to share it. We all get there, no one gets left behind.

This is a ‘seed’ that we’re sharing. A choice that was extended to us. One that we’re deeply grateful for 🙂
As you’ll learn, forex trade results earn us the money to complete this roadmap. We don’t need to share it! We don’t need you to join! And the company doesn’t need any of us for it to earn an income. This is a gift to humanity.

You may or may not be ready to receive the possibility of financial freedom. We invite you to read this information. Understand it as best you can. Do your due diligence. If it aligns with you, we’ll be delighted to help you onboard and get you oriented. Prefer to keep an eye on our progress first? No worries x

The roadmap starts at a small contract of $300 to allow people with moderate means to participate ♡

Trade earnings are generated by professional traders (and bespoke automation software) and accumulate each week into our balance.

When there are sufficient funds in one’s balance, members can upgrade to the next contract.

On reaching the 100K contract, members repeatedly purchase this contract to continue generating a recurring passive income.

How it Works

  • Purchase a trade pack using disposable income to suit your financial situation
    IN/OUT payments are currently made using Bitcoin (learn more). In the near future, a multi-faceted currency debit card will also be available. Secure your account further using 2FA (learn how)
  • 70% of the capital is used for forex trading i.e. what earns you the income to upgrade your contracts (why we don’t need anyone else to join for us to complete the roadmap)
  • 30%* of the capital gives you access to the online academy to improve your financial acumen
  • Each week the trade results are transferred into our ‘back office’ balance (personal online account)
  • As soon as there is enough balance in our ‘back office’ we can upgrade to the next contract
  • If we don’t upgrade, the contract will ‘cap out’ when it reaches 200% and we are no longer active members
  • All upgrades and withdrawals are subject to a 20%* success fee
  • On reaching the 100K contract (trade academy pack), we renew it in perpetuity to continue enjoying our passive income for years to come
  • The company commits to increasing our active contract to 200%
  • We commit to leaving our capital in that contract until it reaches 200%
  • Optional Leadership program is an additional income source for members choosing to take on the responsibility of sharing this roadmap with others. * It is funded by the 30% from purchasing / upgrading contracts AND by the 20% success fee on withdrawals (to your bank or for upgrading contracts). These funds are designed to distribute wealth among members. The company earns its own income through forex trading itself

DID YOU KNOW? Many DIY traders lose their capital and done-for-you professional trading is normally reserved for the wealthy elite eg by hedge fund managers.

Bear Capital & Earnings

The earnings we get from forex trading is referred to as ‘Bear Capital’ and is transferred into our ‘back office’ each week. Once we’ve upgraded to the 100K pack, our trading capital is $70K and we’re able to renew it to keep on enjoying a passive income that happens while we sleep and are doing other things!

The exact amount depends on the results that the professional traders achieve on our behalf. In the course, we share the actual results achieved since trading began on 26 August 2019. We are currently enjoying returns between 3.5% and 4.5% a week! Our banks give us 1% per year, if we’re lucky. There is a cap of 15% per week. Naturally past results are no guarantee for future results.

Are we there yet?

In the course, we teach you about upgrading your contracts. This spreadsheet illustrates how long it could take to move from one contract to the next. Assuming a steady return of 4.5% and that we upgraded as soon as we could, it would take 5.65 years to reach the 100K pack. When starting on a higher contract, the journey duration is shorter. The 5K pack is called the ‘sweet spot’ because it knocks off half the time.

We All Get There!

All members receive the same results. The difference in earnings depends on the contract capital. As you can see in this spreadsheet, it’s a LOT more when you’re trading $70K in a 100K pack, than $700 in a 1K pack. Our goal is to upgrade as soon as we can to enjoy higher returns to reach the 100K pack sooner.

Community with Big Hearts💖

The part that has really got me fired up, is the community. We’ve met our tribe of like-minded people, who also want to have resources available to bring great things into the world. Let’s face it, even the heartiest of charities with the best intentions need money. And the humanitarian work that’s being done by members who’ve been participating for a while (and have completed the roadmap) sets my heart alight! I’m proud to be working alongside them.

What is the Risk?

Firstly, the company plans to stay in business! And therefore goes to great lengths to protect itself, its members and their capital. In the course, you learn about some of the measures taken, and see the daily trading results that have been achieved since they opened up for members on 26 August 2019. NB: past results are no guarantee for future results.

Secondly, let’s look at our relationship with taking risks. Drastic things can and do happen in life. Just look at how the pandemic blindsided all of us. We can’t foresee every event. Legally speaking, we need to emphasise there is a risk of losing your capital through forex trading. Understand this risk. Only use disposable income. Managing risk in a responsible way is a healthy way to move forward.

Here’s a personal example …

We drive an old ’93 Defender and the Landy club motto is “One Life. Live It”. These iconic vehicles have a reputation for being unreliable. If we’d let this fear stop us, we would have settled for a ‘normal car’, and missed out on my childhood dream of having one. We wouldn’t have enjoyed this last year travelling around Europe as digital nomads. And we wouldn’t be continuing our journey further afield.

Our beloved ‘Dakota’ is more than a car, it’s our home. It’s a huge part of our adventure. We chose it because of the experience it offers us. We’ve accepted the risk responsibly by brushing up basic DIY repair skills for common issues, and carry those tools with us. We also have support in place if we need to call someone.

Similarly, participating in the forex market has its risks. If you choose to participate, accept this risk and only use money that you’re comfortable losing. The unexpected can happen, despite the best laid plans. Taking a common sense approach even further, don’t rely on this as your sole source of income – set up multiple streams of income instead.

Every day we take risks: when we cross the road, when we go on holiday, when we learn new things, when we do the same old things… our fear of taking risks can be so extreme that we lose out on life. I’d rather regret following something I believed in, than saying ‘no’ to a potentially life-changing opportunity.

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not in the branch but in its own wings.

Course: Roadmap to Financial Freedom

We have laid out all the information you need to set up your financial freedom in this easy-to-follow course. You’ll learn about the company, co-founders, their vision and mission. You’ll meet other members and be invited to live Zoom calls. You’ll be given stats & facts about what’s been achieved since the company started trading for members on 26 August 2019. On completion, you’ll be able to make a really well-informed decision, “Am I ready to create my financial freedom?”

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How will you spend your time when you are financially free?