NetNomads Community is here to help heart-minded professionals collaborate and support each other in our journeys – a private, safe space to help us bridge the gap of the unknown, as we grow and sparkle together in our professional and personal lives.

To learn and to grow, you need to let go of what you know. Take a leap of faith into your future.

The road to expansion and growth is often bumpy and uncomfortable. Communicating with others can get messy. Our Community Blueprint shows the ethos and roadmap of how we’re building a warm, safe & fuzzy space together.

Please complete our Community Blueprint to make sure this is the right community for you 💖

Not-For-Profit & Starry-Eyed

NetNomads Community is registered as a Not-for-Profit Organisation in the Netherlands. Funds received through member contributions and donations are used to develop and maintain the platform.

The platform is provided by self-employed professionals. When NetNomads is sufficiently funded, an additional source of income for the Crew will become available (capped hourly rate, max 10 hours per week).

Our Commitment

  • Financial Transparency: members and donors receive a copy of the financial reports each year
  • The Crew: self-employed freelancers wishing to help maintain this platform commit to a minimum of 12 hours per month in a SkillXChange with the Committee (credits may be used with any other member)

SXC Tokens | Course Partial Payment

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FOR PROVIDER'S ONLY (1 SXC Token = 1 Hour = €33.33)
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Product Details

For each course, instructors (providers) indicate their preferred payment methods. For a partial SkillXChange, participants choose Peer-to-Peer as payment method, and the instructor uses this to register the number of SXC Tokens.


  1. Participant contacts the instructor via DM (direct messaging) in the Member Area (the instructor's nickname is shown in the course details)
  2. Instructor and participant mutually agree on the number of SXC Tokens and payment via peer-to-peer (outside of NetNomads)
  3. Participant orders the course using "peer-to-peer" payment method and gives the instructor the order number
  4. Instructor uses this product to register the number of SXC tokens, including participant's member nickname and the order number for the course
  5. On checkout, the instructor chooses SkillXChange as the payment method
  6. The tokens get recorded in the community SkillXChange (instructors gets credited with number of tokens, participants get debited)

NB: When participants (recipients) select SkillXChange (full payment via SXC Tokens) AND this is included as an instructor's payment preference, access will be granted without further confirmation, and the SkillXChange updated accordingly.

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** Please follow our Community Blueprint BEFORE becoming a Member **

As part of our Collaborative Community, you get:

  • SkillXchange: A non-financial skill trade/bartering platform. Exchange your skills with others fairly, on an hour-for-an-hour basis
  • Share, Grow, Sparkle – find the right collaboration partner, coach, mentor or guide for the next leg of your journey, or to help them in theirs
    • Courses – introduce yourself through your personal profile, adding your services to our community webshop (1-2-1 consulting sessions, group workshops and invitations to a journey of transformation), and sign up for courses with other members for your personal or professional development
    • Course Groups – discuss course material with fellow participants, and get feedback from the instructor, or give feedback as the instructor
    • Forums – share your thoughts, questions and experiences with heart-minded individuals

NetNomads Community Membership:

  • Personal access to the members-only platform
  • Access to Growth forums (personal/professional) moderated by life coaches and business mentors
  • Access to SkillXChange to exchange skills with other members (* phased bespoke development)
  • Access to groups for courses you’ve purchased
  • Host groups for courses you’re offering (can be hosted via NetNomads, or your preferred platform like Telegram, WhatsApp)
  • Introduce yourself and your skillset by means of blogs, group workshops, 1-2-1 consulting sessions, masterclasses and experiential courses
  • Peer-to-peer payment offered for courses
  • SXC Tokens offered as form of payment for the SkillXChange
  • Onboarding bootcamp course (how to navigate around the platform)
  • Manage your online profile (with links to your external accounts)
  • Receive a monthly newsletter with community news
  • Access to the quarterly financial reports

** TRAILBLAZER Members **

To share our respect for being willing to blaze trails with us, along with the benefits mentioned below, you’ll also receive:

  • A Trailblazer badge on your member profile
  • The Crew’s appreciation for having an early-adopter adventurous spirit like ours
  • Callout on social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube (if desired)