Let’s Sparkle!

When we sparkle, we send out gorgeous vibes into the world. Our life experience gets richer and let’s face it, a lot more fun. This ripples out to our families, friends and communities. Helping each other sparkle is why NetNomads exists!

We become better versions of ourselves with:

  • tools for transformation (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional & financial growth)
  • connecting with life coaches and business mentors
  • exchanging skills in a fair, non-financial way
  • sharing knowledge and experiences
  • helping each other move beyond the hustle and into the flow

Let’s do this together!

Why NetNomads Community?

To learn and to grow, you need to let go of what you know and take a leap of faith into your future. It is adventurous. And daunting. And exciting. And terrifying.

You don’t have to do it alone!

By collaborating and supporting each other in our journey, we can grow and shine in our professional and personal lives.


Discuss, Share, Learn and Earn!


For Everyone

  • Follow a course / workshop created by members who are specialists in their niche
  • Engage with fellow participants and the course facilitator within private forums and group discussions
  • Enjoy informative articles in our blog

For Members Only

  • Engage with other members in forums and groups; niche spaces to grow both personally and professionally, with guidance from professional life coaches / business mentors
  • Exchange your core skills in community bartering with other members, ideal for self-employed / freelancers (bespoke SkillXChange system development in phases)
  • Crew: our platform needs people to maintain and develop it (technical, admin, marketing, facilitating forums, etc). Independent contracts for Self-Employed Professionals (max 10-hour/week) will be posted and use the SkillXChange (community bartering). When the platform is sufficiently funded, monetary payments will become available
  • Sell your course(s) via our webshop, with an option to host it in our Learning Management System.  Members receive a discount of 10%. We retain 15% on earned revenue to cover payment processing fees (3-5%) and a platform contribution


Built with Love 💖



Enhance your skills by taking one of these quality online courses, and support fellow Self-Employed Professionals in the process.

Brush Up Your Skills


Brainstorm, share ideas, get professional guidance from life coaches and business mentors via our online forums.

Grow Personally & Professionally


Being self-employed doesn’t mean we need to do everything ourselves! Use your time and skills efficiently by collaborating with the right partners!

Exchange Skills with Other Freelancers


Enabling (self-employed) people to help each other grow, receive guidance and mentorship, enrich their personal/professional skills and to build alternative streams of income.

To achieve this goal, we have chosen a different route to ‘free platforms’ that sell their audience’s attention to cover their operating costs. Income derived from membership fees, donations and commissions are used to cover our costs:

  • technical development
  • normal business expenses
  • skills provided by the Crew

Join Us & Make a Difference


NetNomads Community is registered as “Stichting NetNomads” a not-for-profit organisation in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce number 83351469).

If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together!

– African proverb