Let’s Sparkle!

When we sparkle, we send out gorgeous vibes into the world. Our life experience gets richer and let’s face it, a lot more fun. This ripples out to our families, friends and communities.

Helping each other sparkle is why NetNomads exists! We are building a heart-based community where members can:

  • utilise tools for transformation (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional & financial growth)
  • enjoy safe spaces to connect with other members and growth facilitators
  • hold open discussions to share knowledge, experiences and insights
  • exchange skills in a fair, non-financial way
  • help each other move beyond the hustle and into the flow
  • celebrate our individual expressions of life

From Community to Synarchy

Around the world, hierarchical structures are crumbling and giving way to collaborative communities. Together we are learning the new ways of engaging as a professional community that embraces the individuality of each member. Our goal is to move beyond a heart-based community to a Synarchy.

“The ability for team work, where servant leadership leads others without domination, without hierarchy and is able to recognise that the unique essence and gifts of all concerned contribute to an outcome far greater than each individual can accomplish alone.” Athena Melchizedek (see Steps from Hierarchy vs Synarchy).



Each of us is solely responsible for our soul’s journey.
Only YOU can DO your inner work!

To learn and to grow, we need to let go of what we know and take a leap of faith into our future. It is adventurous. And daunting. And exciting. And terrifying. Fortunately, we don’t have to face it alone!

By collaborating and sharing our knowledge, skills and experience, we bridge the gap of the unknown. Empowering ourselves to leap into the future of our individual (and collective) transformations with trust, confidence and faith.

Take part as a guest

  • Enjoy informative articles in our blog
  • Receive our sparkly update in your inbox once a month (tip: invite yourself to the list above)
  • Find / buy a course or workshop offered by a crew member
  • Access the pre-onboarding course to see if membership is the right path for you

Take part as a course participant

  • Same benefits as guests
  • Hone your skills by following the course / workshop you’ve chosen
  • Engage in private group discussions with the course facilitator and fellow participants


Join the community as a member

If your goal is to move from being a victim of your circumstances to creating a personal reality that sparkles AND you are ready to do the inner work (which can be challenging, but oh-so-worth-it!) then please follow the pre-onboarding course to see the planned journey BEFORE you sign up 🙂

  • In-depth member onboarding course to follow at your own pace online
  • Group mentoring and experiential education sessions (held each fortnight on Zoom)
  • Engage with other members in forums: private, niche spaces to grow in all aspects of life, with guidance from professional life / business coaches (growth facilitators)
  • Exchange your core skills in community bartering with other members (our bespoke SkillXChange system is being developed in phases)
  • Add your personal profile that includes a list of your skills and interests
  • Membership fees are used to develop and maintain the platform


Help build the platform as a crew member

Crew members are carefully chosen specialists in their niche, who share the vision of being part of a heart-centred synarchy.

  • NetNomads relies on people to maintain and develop the community (platform development, business admin, marketing, community engagement, growth facilitators, etc)
  • Crew members commit to investing their time, skills, energy in the platform: min 3-hours a week (max 10-hours a week)
  • SkillXChange with the committee: time given to the platform is credited in the bespoke community bartering system on completion of the task(s). These credits can be utilised for obtaining assistance from any other (available) member
  • 100% discount on annual membership, donations are welcome
  • Rest of benefits the same as community members


Share your knowledge and experience as an instructor

Crew members can sell and host their courses and workshops. Before being published, material is vetted to ensure it is in sync with the principles of a heart-based synarchy.

  • Courses and workshops are available to all visitors and members (our SkillXChange and gated forums are exclusive to members)
  • Courses can be hosted via our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Instructors get access to a private group (per course) to engage with participants
  • 10% discount is given to all members
  • 5% is retained to cover admin/payment processing fees
  • 10% is retained as a platform contribution


Help other members as a growth facilitator

Crew members who have the calling to assist others with their growth, can take on the role of a growth facilitator when they:

  • have undergone major transformations in their life journeys
  • ARE the change they want to see in the world
  • embody the principles of synarchy and heart-based communities
  • receive, engage with and guide members in their growth (mental, spiritual, physical, emotional or financial)
  • help identify and nurture others who are experiencing their “beautiful blind spots”
  • maintain their own growth through continual transformation of their shadow-work
  • take part in additional group mentoring to keep our individual and collective sparkles alight

Built with Love


Enhance your skills and further your personal growth by taking one of these quality online courses or workshops.

Brush Up Your Skills


Brainstorm, share ideas, get professional guidance from life coaches and business mentors via our online forums exclusive to community members.

Grow Personally & Professionally


Being responsible for your own life journey doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself! Use your time and skills efficiently by collaborating with the right partners!

Exchange Skills with Other Members


To achieve our goals, we have chosen a different route to the ‘free platforms’ that sell their audience’s attention to cover their operating costs. Our income is derived from membership fees, donations and commissions on courses, and is used to cover our costs:

  • technical development
  • normal business expenses (admin, marketing, etc)
  • 10-hour/week crew contracts: when our community is sufficiently funded, we’d like to offer the crew a choice of using the SkillXChange or receiving €€ payments, enabling freelancers an additional source of income
NetNomads Community is registered as “Stichting NetNomads” a not-for-profit organisation in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce number 83351469). Members have full transparency of what income has been received and how it gets spent.

If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together!

– African proverb