For the community, by the community

Our starry-eyed vision is to build an authentically warm & fuzzy online community for self-employed entrepreneurs.

Let’s help each other realise our dreams. Exchange skills. Collaborate. Grow. Support each other.

Compassion is key! The Member Onboarding Course shares how we engage in creative mode (instead of survival mode), so we can become the best we can be!

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Why NetNomads Community?

Starting (and running) your own business is very demanding! Aside from doing your core work (what you’ll get paid for) you also need to build a client network and manage non-core, yet essential business tasks. On a limited budget…

Imagine a platform where skills could be exchanged?

And what if this platform offered a Learning Management System to buy, host and sell courses? Imagine the community supporting each other in their journey, through sharing knowledge and experiences? And what if members were guided in both their professional AND personal growth by professional coaches? … Why?

Because Business IS Personal!

The more rounded we are as people, the better we are as entrepreneurs, partners, parents, siblings, friends … these uplifting effects ripple out.


Enhance your skills by taking one of these quality online courses, and support fellow self-employed entrepreneurs in the process.


Brainstorm, share ideas, get professional guidance from life coaches and business mentors via our online forums.


Being self-employed doesn’t mean we need to do everything ourselves! Use your time and skills efficiently by collaborating with the right partners!

Our Platform is Crowdfunded

All donations, sponsorships, crowdfunding rewards & membership fees will be used to cover the costs: (future) technical development, normal business expenses & the skills provided by the Crew and professional Moderators.

“Stichting NetNomads” is registered as a not-for-profit organisation – that’s right, no one will get rich from it! Not even our 7-strong Crew who have already invested more than 700 hours into the concept, design and are starting to build this platform … 

Join Us & Make a Difference

If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together!

– African proverb