Business IS Personal

Our platform enables members to find great collaboration partners and supports professional and personal growth. Our goal for NetNomads Community is to facilitate a warm-and-fuzzy environment to do business in a more personal way.

It may sound obvious, but without people, there is no business. People make agreements. People provide energy for our co-creations. And people achieve more by building each other up. The competitive mindset of “it’s not personal, it’s business” is effectively a superficial excuse to treat each other with a lack of respect and originates from our social conditioning and fear of lack and scarcity.

Collaboration and Support

Think of the difference between a violin or a drum being played on its own, and the resulting harmony when it’s part of an orchestra. By bringing our unique contributions to the collective, we aim to achieve something greater than by going it alone. As our community grows, so will its skillset and mutual support.

SkillXChange Collaborations

Members can offer their services (giving) and find partners for their projects (receiving) in the unique community bartering system

Professional & Personal Growth

Members can share their skills through workshops, masterclasses, courses and group discussions with guidance from our Growth Facilitators

Building a Collaborative Community

The road to expansion and growth is often bumpy and uncomfortable. Communicating with others can get messy. Sometimes we need a little help here and there. Our community blueprint shares the ethos and roadmap of how we’re building a warm, safe & fuzzy space together.

Let’s Sparkle Together

When we become the change we wish to see in the world, our enriched life experience ripples out to our families, friends and wider communities and sends gorgeous vibes into the world.

Join us in building a collaborative environment to support and help each other grow in our professional and personal capacities.