The NetNomads Community Logo Explained

The NetNomads logo tells many stories. Let’s have a closer look at the deeper meaning behind the circles, orbits and what NetNomads means.

Net’ is for both network (community) and the internet – an online platform.

Nomads are masters of transformation and growth. Unafraid of change, they take responsibility for their journeys, adapt to changing environments, happy to take risks and are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Community, because it’s easier when you do it together.

Our logo is a starry eye representing our heart-centred vision and goal of building a higher-energy, healthier environment. An environment where we can grow, help, learn and support each other.

The outer circle represents our beautiful world.

The inner circle talks of a community of adventurous souls. Of people who are choosing an uncommon path and taking responsibility for their lives.

The orbits (straight and decorative) represent the balancing dualities like logic and creativity, order and chaos, and masculine and feminine energies (regardless of gender)…

This video explains it all visually … and in one short minute!

Let’s Sparkle Together

When we become the change we wish to see in the world, our enriched life experience ripples out to our families, friends and wider communities and sends gorgeous vibes into the world.

Join us in building a collaborative environment to support and help each other grow in our professional and personal capacities. Please go through our community blueprint before becoming a member to ensure it’s a right fit for you. Merci xx