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Aligning with the Laws of the Universe

As we are collectively moving into a new way to being professional together, NetNomads Community is acting as a bridge between the old and the new. This means for public functionality, our webshop is obliged to include things like Terms & Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policies (so more people can find the offers available by our members).

However, for membership to our gated community, we align with the Laws of Universe.

Here’s why… our current human laws are mostly for arbitration between victims and victimisers. They typically demonstrate transactional arrangements like employment contracts, terms of use for facilities, establishing business relationships and even for marriages.

Empowered Beings Collaborating in Love, Joy and Compassion

Our community is moving beyond the duality of victimhood into collaboration and empowerment through self-awareness.

In building an authentically warm & fuzzy professional platform, we acknowledge that We are One.

Each of us assumes full responsibility for our journey of transformation (personal and professional growth).

7 Laws of the Manifest Universe

Our platform enables community members to provide tools and support for each other in this learning process, but each of our journeys are ultimately in alignment with our Creation (Authentic Self).

For your reference, we’ve included an excerpt below from Athena Melchizedek’s book, “The Quantum Keys: Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence” and recommend reading it to delve deeper into these laws.

You are also invited to continue your journey of understanding these laws through other works – and there are many to choose from. Books that have helped me enormously include Dr David Hawkins “Power vs Force” and Sadhguru’s “Inner Engineering”. Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” really helped me understand how to move beyond my role in victimhood.

Victoria Koning, NetNomads Community


All outward manifestation seen as the objective world is consciousness working on its own plane. Everything has consciousness, from the rock to the cosmos, and represents the total of source mind experiencing itself in each aspect. Everything is connected to everything. What we think, feel, say, and do has an effect on all, whether we are conscious of this or not.


The law of correspondence means as above so below; as below so above. This principle enables humankind to reason intelligently, in different frequency bands and develop understanding and knowledge of the unknown through what is known.


All matter is in constant motion. All substance vibrates, constantly creating its own sound; nothing rests. The different manifestations are a result of variance in vibrational frequency, and that which vibrates at a higher frequency has the ability to transmute a lower frequency.


In the objective world everything has an opposite. There is only one stream of life energy. Like and unlike are the same energy, opposite in name, only different by degree; therefore in the manifested world, all truth is only half-truth, and all paradoxes can be reconciled in the unity of the absolute.


In accordance with duality, there are two poles between all things that create movement: action and reaction, advance and retreat, in-breath and out-breath, rising and sinking, ebbing and flowing.

Cause and Effect

There is no such thing as chance. There is a cause for every effect and an effect from every cause. Reciprocity is an extension of this law and refers to giving and taking mutually and equally by accepting a positive action and returning with another positive action.

Magnetism and Repulsion

This could also be termed the law of gender or attraction. All matter consists of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons held together by the field of energy they create together. This works in the creative process as generation, regeneration, and creation. Everything is either a masculine or a feminine principle. This mechanism is the same for atoms, humans, planets, and solar systems.