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Collaborating in Love, Joy & Compassion

NetNomads Crew 10 January 2023

To help establish a common thread for our community, it’s important for us to consider how we engage with each other. We’ve all been privvy to discussions and interactions that degenerate into arguments, shaming and blame-games. It’s very possible we’ve been at the centre of one or two of them ourselves. The problem lies in the lingering use of lower frequency energies. Fortunately we can transmute ourselves from being victims to being empowered!

Mind, heart and body in beautiful coherence!

Our platform focuses on all areas of development: emotional intelligence is as important as intellectual and practical intelligence!

We’re proposing that each member embarks on a journey of self-awareness to become a master of their own vibe! If you’ve been doing this work for a while, you know it’s not an easy ride… but totally worth it.

By sharing our vision up front, everyone knows what’s expected of them and of each other … it’s how we can COLLECTIVELY build a safe, warm & fuzzy environment.

Science getting a little closer to Spirituality

In a nutshell, our ‘Vibe’ is made up of the frequencies created by our thoughts (electro) and emotions (magnetic). These frequencies become the ‘filter’ through which we experience life, affecting our personal and collective realities. Many people are unaware of how much our vibes affect each other, let alone the influence we can exert on our vibes – consciously, moment-by-moment.

When we dwell in lower frequencies within the so-called ‘survival paradigm’ we consume the energy from our field and slowly become dis-eased.

Higher frequencies on the other hand, generate energy that extend beyond our selves. True co-creators, we give life to Life.

As we know, it’s possible to feel love for people close to us, but lack acceptance of others. We can therefore be in various states of being at the same time… the big question is “How many moments of each day are we vibrating at a higher frequency?”

Now let’s focus on members empowering themselves, and supporting each other, to vibrate in love, joy and compassion 🙂

Source: Power vs Force, Dr David Hawkins

Life doesn’t happen TO us. Life happens FOR us.

Only when each of us assumes full responsibility for our state of being, and we move away from the victim / victimiser paradigm, can we build a safe, warm & fuzzy community.

How Safe are We?

A big part of the work we’re doing is to be more observant of our thoughts and emotions, and to auto-correct when necessary thereby stabilising us as beings; we become Masters of our Vibe!

When we understand how and why we ‘get triggered’ and master the skills for resolving and transmuting the underlying issue(s) WE become SAFE to be around.

We’ve all experienced it, right? When you’re in a group whose vibe is jolly and peaceful, then someone comes along in a ‘negative’ state of being – how quickly the mood can turn sour if unchecked? Similarly, when someone in a ‘positive’ state of being enters a room full of ‘doom-and-gloom’, how the mood lightens. Our electromagnetic frequencies affect each other!

‘Higher frequencies’ such as compassion, love and joy enlarge our personal and group energy fields, making us co-creators in the collective consciousness. ‘Lower frequencies’ draw from our energy fields. Spend too long in these states, and we don’t have enough energy left needed for our wellbeing, such as healing our bodies. It’s in our best interest to be in the highest possible frequency.

Change is ALWAYS for the greater good.

This is not about ‘positive thinking’ where we suppress the emotions that are conceived as ‘negative’ but rather about mastering the tools that help us learn what these lessons have to teach.

Our power lies in learning how to use the gift of free will and choosing how to respond, regardless of the circumstances in our environment.

Through sharing skills, knowledge and experience, members of NetNomads Community support each other, and empower themselves, moving beyond the survival paradigm into thriving.