Community bartering is a fair, non-financial way to help others and to get help from others. We balance our giving & taking! Hours are the commodity because 86,400 seconds a day is the ONLY equal thing we have to trade.

Outside of the traditional marketplace, we can move away from discrimination based on race, gender or disability. We can move away from the biases in the financial marketplace towards certain skills, and prevent exploitation through financial currencies. We can be unswayed by social feedback.

As independent freelancers, members are responsible for maintaining their material needs ie only participate in SkillXChanges with hours that don’t need immediate financial reward 🙂 By shifting from the paradigm of ‘my time is more valuable than your time’ these SkillXChange contracts allow us to uplift and develop everyone in our community and collaborate with people we wouldn’t normally have access to.

The Vision

  • Members utilise their skills to help each other grow, professionally and personally
  • Members have access to a global pool of skills and resources
  • Members invest time in each other to build a collaborative community sharing knowledge, expertise and experience
  • Members commit to ‘delivering best-effort’ for each contract
  • Cashflow-friendly exchange of skills for specific tasks
  • Exchanges take place within a closed community, so they are NOT considered as income/expenses
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." ~ African Proverb

Moving Beyond Survival Mode

But, not all hours are paid equally?

We hear you! BUT imagine a world, where teaching, caring for and inspiring others was invested in as much as the investment in skills for counting profits or suing other people?

This tool allows us to uplift each other, and to gain wisdom and insight from other freelancers globally, without the prejudices normally faced.

But, I have bills to pay?

Agreed! All members ensure that their financial needs (food, shelter, transport, pension, etc) are met outside of the SkillXChange.

Having multiple streams of income (including a passive income) is the way forward. Leaving enough time to earn money, be present with loved ones, be sporty, enjoy hobbies, volunteer for worthy causes, relax and regenerate.

Learning how to ‘Create and Collaborate’

When we focus on giving and being part of something larger than ourselves, we are blessed with a sense of lightness, and experience a greater joy for life. Our platform offers tools for transformation, to help people change the way they understand how life can be lived in an elevated state of being.